The #1 Way for Obsessive Gardeners to Keep Track of What They Are Growing

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DirtBook Template
DirtBook Template

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This isn't for the casual gardener

who drops into the garden center once a year to pick out this season's petunias. This is for the obsessives. The ones who plan their gardens in the dark of winter with a stack of notes from the gardens of years past. This is for the addicted gardeners who spend more time thinking about what seeds to plant that spring than what dinner to plan on Valentine's Day. This is for the observant few who would gasp if a glass of iced tea were set on their hand-written notes for planting dates, bed rotations, and plants that were eaten by that damn rabbit. Friends, I'm just like you and I know how much work you put into keeping all those details in order.

All the notes

you've scribbled, messages to yourself on sticky notes and seed packs that blow away, fade, or get wet. You've made spreadsheets but those are hard to read on your phone and you don't want to copy out planting instructions into excel. You've tried garden apps which don't customize to your needs and turn out to be subscription services that renew when you're not looking.

Hi, I'm Kelly

and I'm an obsessive gardener. I've had all of these problems too so I built Dirtbook. It's a workbook for all of these details that you can access right from your phone. With Dirtbook you can log pictures of the seed packs, note both the bed and specific location you planted in, take pictures of that bed, keep your notes about experiments you ran, and the yield for each plant. Not to mention the dates you started seed, planted, and harvested... and a whole lot more. Dirtbook isn't a subscription. In fact it isn't even a software or an app. It's a template I built and refined after many years of frustration. It uses the free version of off-the-shelf software (Airtable) and it lets you further customize things as your needs advance. For $19.99, I'll send you a copy and then that's it. No recurring fees or hidden costs. Click on the button below.

Use DirtBook to:

  • Track all your plants, seeds, dates and locations in one place.
  • ​Have your info at your finger tips whether you are in the garden or at the garden center.
  • Track all the actions you take like seed starting, potting up, and harvesting quickly in the app before you come inside and forget.
  • ​Use the camera function to add pictures of your plants, the layout of you garden, the seed pack instructions or even that weird bug you saw where you can find them later.
  • ​Get fancy and sort the planting info to see which seeds you need to buy or what needs to get planted this weekend.


Is this a monthly subscription?

No!  This is a one time purchase of a template with instuction videos.  You will not be charged monthly.

Do I need to pay for Airtable?

No!  Everything in this template can be used on the free version of Airtable.

Will you show me how to use it?

Yes!  There are instruction videos to get you set up on Airtable and to show you how to use DirtBook.

Is there a preset list of plants included?

No!  This isn't a premade database of generic plants.  This is a tracker to add exactly the things YOU are growing to keep track of.  I have add a few sample plants to show you how it works which you can be easily deleted.

Do I have to be techy to use this?

No!  You can do some high level things with Airtable but it is super easy to get started.  If you can type words and take pictures you can use this.  To get started, I have created videos to show you how to use Airtable and some of the cool features in this template so you can going right away and actually use it. 

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